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Monday, October 23, 2006

Worshipping Hindu gods the cause of Chikunguniya!

10/16/2006 10:42:57 AM HK

Thiruvalla: There is a group of vultures in the society named Pentecost Christians, seeking for an opportunity to tarnish Hinduism in the pretext of service. For them Natural calamities like Tsunami or Earth quake or Epidemics like Chikunguniya or Dengue fever is a golden opportunity to denigrate Hinduism and deceive the gullible people inorder to promote conversion.

When the state is wrapped up with the terrific Chikunguniya epidemic, Pentecoste group celebrates it by exhibiting films denigrating Sabarimala,Guruvayur and Mookambika.As per the Film version this Chikunguniya is spreaded in Kerala due to the worship of Hindus in their Holy temples and the only remedy to it is to take the path of their one and only god!

The pentecoste groups based in Thiruvalla and Kumbanadu is behind this present initiative to denigrate Hinduism in the name of Chikunguniya.The Film was exhibited in places like Kaviyoor,Eraviperur,Thottambhagam during last two days.

Based on the complaints from public, Hindu organisations under Hindu Aikya Vedi gheraaoed Believers church in Thottambhagum yesterday. Although police is aware of this nefarious attempts by Pentecost, in fear of loss of Votes and influence of Christian lobby, Government prevents police from taking any actions.

Hindu Aikya Vedi warned of severe repercussions if the Pentecosts go on with their denigrating campaign.


At 12/19/2006 02:12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want someone to watch the guys too. They proclaim that they are invading enemy territory one screen at a time on their website. We should try to ask them who they consider their enemies and why?

At 6/27/2008 08:02:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well to say so, hurt religious sentiments and causes communal riots and disturbs peace.For a moment lets keep this issue, and i want the kerala govt to tell the people openly and boldly and bravely what they mean by saying "GODS OWN COUNTRY".Do they, the people who wrote this caption know what they really mean by saying so or did the govt.really understand the caption and take into cosideration the sentiments of different releigons. Do they know whats the meaning of GOD ,and by the way which? GOD's country are they referring to.GODS OWN COUNTRY IS (HEAVEN)and you ( kerala)is a state of the highest density of corruption of all kinds and wickedness and evil is not the word in you.Your movies and thier posters have led innocent children to cause sin, can you go unpunished unless you repent. Either you change this caption and be healed of all your calamities or get the wrath of GOD or define which GOD are you talking about ,'cause lots of people are angered by this caption, don't forget the man who walked with the son of GOD walked on this (kerala) soil.Please don't inccur the wrath of the one and only true and only LIVING GOD.those who understand this pray for your soil to be saved.


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