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Monday, October 23, 2006

Double standards of Pope

9/15/2006 2:47:48 AM B.R.Haran

This is with reference to the Pope's remarks on Islam. The Pope, as the religious head of the Roman Catholics, who are the dominant people in the western countries, is really worried about the degeneration of religious values among the westerners.

There have been a lot of reports on the lack of attendance in Churches & Churches drawing blank even on Sunday masses. Reports are also coming on British, American & Canadian converts taking to Jihad and the Jihadi terrorism is on a spurt the world over. Moreover, the 'secular' contingent of mainstream media & intellectual community in the west have started leaning towards Islamic aggression, which was evidenced by the worldwide reporting on the recent Israel-Lebanon war.

All these things have forced the Pope to make a scathing attack on Islam, which is going to have tremendous repercussions in the days to come. It seems the Pope has got a liking towards creating controversies by shooting his mouth quite often. A few days back he called the Indian Ambassador & made some unwanted remarks on the Anti conversion law in Rajasthan. He also welcomed the declaration of Nepal as a "Secular" state. At those times he supported secularism and now, when Church gets a beating by secularism, he is talking against it, exhibiting his double standards.

The "Indian Secularism" is always different as evidenced by the media & intellectuals, which remained silent or supported when Pope remarked on Hinduism (Rajastan & Nepal episodes) then and writes editorials & columns against him when he remarked against Islam now. The J & K government has gone one step ahead by seizing the newspapers carrying the remarks of Pope without realizing the consequences. What will the government do if the militants ban the entire Indian media in Kashmir tomorrow? The fact of the matter is the entire world is stinking because of the so-called secularism & secularists.

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