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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A tale of evangalical Andhra

(Samachara Bharati, Andhra Pradesh.) Andhra Bhumi Daily, Vishakapatnam-16-05-2006)

The declining of Hindus in Vishaka agency area is becoming very serious. The main reason is that Hindus are converting into Christians’ fold in this region. We can find Sri Rama temple in most of the villages but in the agency area we cannot find Rama temple in every village but can see churches. Due to the efforts of Christian missionaries, 60 per cent of the Girijan population is converted into Christianity.

The Christian missionaries have developed a script for Vanvasi language, which can be understood by Vanvasis. In the same language they have published Bible and distributed them among all converted Christians. By this we can understand that at what level the conversions are going on. The representatives of different Christian missionaries are living together with the Girijans for a long time. Jackob and Susen George from Kerala came to Ananthagiri Mandal, Laxmipur village at about 20 years back and lived with the Girijans. Understanding the Girijan language, they prepared a new script to be easily readable by the Girijan people. They prepared hill language books under Tribal Literacy Project and supplied these books to Girijans and made them to read and write the same. With this background Christian missionaries published the Bible in the tribal language and distributed them among all the Girijans. Jacob and Susain George are claiming that they sincerely tried to educate the Girijans but not to convert them into Christianity.

Anyhow, the constructions of churches are in progress in every village of Vishaka agency. In the olden days, only one church was in Paderu but now at least 5 to 6 new churches could be seen there. Simultaneously the construction of churches is going on in Hukumpeta, Araku, Laxmipuram and some more villages of Ananthagiri Mandal and at some places they are converting the huts into churches and propagating Christianity. The converted Girijans are able to get free education, free medical facilities.

The missionaries are propagating with their full flow that adopting Christianity their sins are washed away. By this a large number of Girijans are embracing Christianity and the unemployed youths are getting employment of Pastors. Though the old Girijans are denying the conversions the next generation is not listening to them. The local missionaries are getting plenty of funds from foreign countries to conduct prayer meetings and conversions. The Girijans did not have any idea of religion and god, but they are converting into Christianity for the sake of benefits, which missionaries are providing to them.

At the time of conversions they insult the Hindu gods and goddesses by burning and kicking their photos and idols.

In the Agency area, Valmiki, Vanvasi, Nookadora and Konda Dora tribes are converting into Christianity. Only the Bagata tribes are away from converting. Missionary people are distributing handouts to tourists, who came there to visit the Agency.

Our Constitution has provided so many benefits to tribes. Converted tribals are not eligible for the same. In Vishaka agency region the converted Christians fell under SC quota. Anyhow the converted tribes didn’t get the benefits of original tribes. But already 80 per cent of the tribal population of every village has been converted into Christianity.

In the town Sinhachalam conversions are going on, the missionaries tried to convert the tribes who are residing near the Sinhachalam temple. The temple employees and public are protesting the conversions. If the same situation continues like this within a short period no Hindu could be found in the Agency region.

“Where as the Hindu organisations are limited to the towns. They have to walk into the villages and tribal areas and they have to provide minimum facilities to the tribes” said Sri Swarupanandendra Swamy of Sharada Peetam.


At 5/31/2006 11:30:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, that was xtians do. They teach people in seminaries how to absorb a language and write a grammar for it. Once they have the grammar and the vocabulary, they set out to translate the Bible.

I wonder what would happen if somebody wrote the grammar for the language and taught people to belive in themselves before the christians got to them.


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