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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sudarshan’s sermon on Christianity: Churches must be independent

PANJIM, JAN 11 2005

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief K Sudarshan has advocated the need for a Swadeshi church in India saying that only such a religious institution will be rooted to the country’s culture and way of thinking.

Addressing a largely attended meeting at SAG Grounds, Campal, Sudarshan emphasized that religions including Christianity which have come from foreign lands, need to be one with the country and its ethos.

In his one-hour long speech, RSS chief felt that Churches in India should be independent and have their own identity on line with the country of their base.
In Kerala, some people who have accepted Christianity, still follow Hindu customs and practices and have not forgotten their ancestors, pointed out Mr Sudarshan who is in Goa for a three-day conclave of RSS, Konkan region, at Ramnathi, Ponda taluka. They have set their own rules for their functioning delinking themselves from Vatican, he claimed.

Highlighting the tenets of Hinduism, the RSS chief said it was India which gave birth to several religions and inspired many others.

Three prominent religions including Christianity came to India. He also referred to a book “Last Days of Jesus Christ” which says Jesus Christ had come to India and stayed in Kashmir at place called Ishanagar.

Jesus Christ got inspiration from India to spread message of peace, he said.
He said in 2011 India will be a world leader in all aspects and called for unity of Hindus for the occasion.

He said only Hinduism could bring about world peace.

This is the second large congregation of RSS workers in Panjim in recent years. The first one was four years ago when BJP had ascended to power during which some ministers including then chief minister Manohar Parrikar had attended the Vijayadeshmi rally on the occasion of Dusshera with the RSS uniform.

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