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"Freedom to convert" is counterproductive as a generalized doctrine. It fails to come to terms with the complex interrelationships between self and society that make the concept of individual choice meaningful. Hence, religious conversion undermines, and in extremes would dissolve, that individual autonomy and human freedom.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Reservations for Dalit Christians will increase religious conversions

Monday January 23 2006

RSS pranthapracharak A Gopalakrishnan on Sunday said that Kerala had become a testing lab of global Islamic terrorism.

Delivering the keynote address at the Rashtra Raksha Sammelan at the Cantonment Ground here, he said that if a bomb explosion or a militant activity occurs anywhere, the investigation leads to Kerala.

Kerala's long sea front has become vulnerable, which has been revealed by the Coast Guard and other agencies, which guard the territorial waters.

Referring to the demand by the Christian community for reservation benefits for the Christian converts from Dalit communities, he said that such demands would help increase the number of religious conversions in the state.

Gopalakrishnan said that the undemocratic style of functioning of the CPM workers was a threat to the peaceful atmosphere in the state.

"They are challenging the progress and harmonious co-existence of the people here" he said.

SNDP assistant secretary G Sathyan inaugurated the function. K V Dev presided over the function.

Major K A Abraham, who became handicapped in the fight against the militants in Kashmir, Subedar Major S Sasidharan Pillai, who had been a member of the IPKF that served in Sri Lanka, Kathakali artist Mayyanad Kesavan Namboodiri and handicrafts expert Adoor R Raghavan Pillai were honoured at the function.

RSS kshethriya pracharak S.Sethumadhavan, Poorva Senaparishath All-India convenor Mahesh Gandhi, 'Janmabhoomi' managing director K Purushothaman, Hindu Aikya Vedi state secretary M Radhakrishnan also attended the function.

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At 2/11/2006 11:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reservation for Dalit Christians is a ploy used by missioneries to get more converts - and supported by greedy politicians of esp the Congress party for its votes and for purpose of sycophancy to its first family - the Gandhi family who are all Christians - though they do not publicly admit it (no wonder Rahul Gandhi very cleverly said that the NATIONAL FLAG is his religion - a sly he perhaps learnt from Christian Bishops or his own Italian Roman Catholic Mother and South American girlfriend. Comming back to the topic - When one converts to Christianity or Islam for that matter they cannot remain 'DALIT'. one of the arguments Missionaries give to convert is that in Christianity all are equal - therefore where is the 'DALIT' in Christianity.The very fact that our constitution takes only Dalits from the Hindu Buddist and Sikh is because these INDIAN RELIGIONS are the only one which has had this concept - Christianity and Islam never had it so. Christian Missionaries want this because when they convert a Dalit - luring him by way of money and all wrongful means - the convert in quest only later realises that he has lost all SC/ST rights and reconverts back to Hinduism - therefore the poor missionary looses out. They are therefore desperate to get all the rights for a so called Dalit Christian - and who knows they may become successful as todays Government is by UPA where Congress is headed by a Italian Roman Catholic with her conver children and son in law and sycophantic, greedy Hindu leaders and left who have lost out world over but surprisingly still remain in India and also masqurade for Christians and Muslims thru its Prakash and Vrinda Karats and Irfan Habibs.


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