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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Evangelicals Rewrite Quran to Convert Muslims

Hindustan Times
December 19, 2005
Nandini R. Iyer

The True Furqan — a book that claimed to be the Quran for the millennium had caused much furore in Islamic circles since it was trying to "evangelise Muslims" — is banned in India. Last week, the government tabled a customs notification in Parliament informing the MPs of the decision to ban the book due to security considerations. Today, you can read the book-on the Internet.

The book has been the subject of controversy in the United States with some sections — both in the US and in other countries — objecting to it. They alleged that it was not an accurate translation of the Quran. Some even argued that it was an insult to Muslims.

The US government's Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) lists “A New American Quran” on its website under the heading “Identifying Misinformation”. Reacting to allegations that Washington was trying to impose A New American Quran on Muslims, the site asserts that “a small, private, evangelical Christian group in the United States has written a book called The True Furqan, which seeks to convert Muslims to Christianity, but this group has no connection with the US government."

The Customs Notification 78/2005 of September 7 states that, the Centre "hereby absolutely prohibits the import of the book entitled The True Furqan, subtitled “The 21st Century Quran” published in the United States of America by Omega, 2000 and Wine Press, including any extract, any reprint or translation thereof or any document reproducing any matter contained therein".

While no one questions the government's authority in imposing such a ban invoking security considerations, babudom has failed to realise that anyone can read the book online by paying as little as Rs 20 an hour in a cyber café and logging on to

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