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Monday, July 04, 2005

Conversions, illiteracy problems before India


Conversions, illiteracy and illegal migrants from Bangladesh were some of the imminent threats before the nation. The 'so called' new found friendship with Pakistan was mere a 'drama' and there was an urgent need for the economic prosperity of people of country and for that depending upon multinational companies was not the way out. These views were expressed by acting president of VHP, Ashok Singhal while talking to media persons on Tuesday. He also denied any strained relations between VHP and BJP

Firing a salvo on congress president Sonia Gandhi, Ashok Sighal said, "ever since the Christian and foreigner lady has come to the helm of affairs of nation who have commitment with Pope, there have been a spate of conversions in the country" adding that VHP activists were keeping a sharp eye on these illegal conversions. He alleged that even the Christian missionaries were converting Sikhs to Christianity in Punjab with the help of separatist forces, with whom Singhal said he would like to talk and ask what good have they done to the Sikhs.

Bajrang Dal and VHP had started agitation against migrants from Bangladesh and the agitation would be spread across the nation said he. He said the Hindu leaders gathered at Amritsar to attend the managing committee meeting of VHP would contemplate over construction of Ram Temple on Wednesday adding that it was wrong to understand that BJP had to leave the Hindu agenda because of NDA which caused differences between VHP and BJP.

About Indo Pakistan relations, Singhal said "It is all drama and the reality was other way round." Taliban forces were gaining power in Pakistan and there was a possibility that they might even replace President Pervez Musharaff or he may fall victim to their designs. ISI has its vast network in India and an 'army' of Pakistan was in India to begin Jihad. Singhal even apprehended of a 'big attack' in future. He also apprehended that at some of other point Musharaff was also involved in the conspiracy against India. Expressing concern over the rising Muslim population in the nation, Singhal held national policies responsible for them.

Speaking on the Sikh identity, VHP veteran leader said that there was no identity crisis to any sect of India including Sikhs. He opined that Khalistan moment failed only because there was enough understanding between Hindus and Sikhs of Punjab.

The economic prosperity of common man was one of VHP's main target and for that they had begin fronts for eradication of illiteracy, health education and economic development. Multinational companies wouldn't bring any prosperity to common man opined he. Programmes were made so that any rural family could earn upto RS 2000 per month using local resources and lift themselves from below poverty line.

Meanwhile the managing committee of VHP in a resolution adopted in its meeting at Amritsar decided to begin the economic boycott of Bangladeshi's living in India. Ashok Singhal said as par governments figures there were around 2 crore Bangladeshi's settled illegally in the country but the reports of VHP suggests that the number was more than 3 crore. He said as par reports of home ministry there were 30 lakh Bangladeshi's in Assam alone and according to reports of intelligence agencies, as many as six thousand Bangladeshi were illegally entering in Assam every day.

Due to influx of Muslims from Bangladesh the 8 districts of Assam have become Muslim majority districts while in other 4 districts the population of Muslims have risen to 40 per cent. He said VHP had given a slogan of No food, NO work, No shelter to Bangladeshi's and have exhorted the nation loving people to begin a nation wide agitation against them.

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