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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

NGOs work hand in hand with proselytisers

By N. Krishna

In Meghalaya Christian missionaries have converted two-thirds of Hindus to Christianity. The Church in the north-east is engaged in smuggling across the borders, circulating fake currency notes and distributing arms. In December 1998, a christian missionary, Bedang Tamjen, was arrested for printing fake currency notes.

The Christians target well-known Hindus. A 30-year-old Juliana from Bangalore married an 80-year old Tamil actor, Gemini Ganesan, a Selvaraj targets Gemini Ganesan’s daughter Dr Kamala—these are part of the Christian strategy. In Andhra Pradesh the converted Christians constitute about one-sixth of the students in every class and they make unpleasant remarks on Hinduism, its festivals and traditions in the classes as directed by the missionaries. Christians are taking our country and the majority of Hindus for a ride through support from minority educational institutions. Any Christian can get admission in these institutions and the state ends up paying for it.

Another fallout is the paedophilia activities of the Christian missionaries in India. In USA recently, the Christian Church paid 100 million US $ as compensation to children who became victims of Christian priests. Last year, a 62-year-old Christian priest Simon Palanthingal from Kerala and linked to St. Bedes and Don Bosco schools in Chennai was charged on four counts for sexual assault on a nine-year old American boy and can get maximum 20 years in prison on each of the four counts. He is being held in the US on a $1 million bail. In India, with no enforcement of law, it is a free run for these paedophile Christian missionaries. Yet some time back in Jharkhand, a court sentenced a Tamil Christian priest, Christudas, 48, who was principal of St. Joseph’s School at Guhiyajori, to three years' rigorous imprisonment for sodomising a 14-year old schoolboy. In March 2005, the Christian priest, Prasad Gonsalves, was arrested in Radhanpura town in Gujarat for demanding sexual favours from a woman. The Patan police superintendent, A.V. Vasava has reported that the Christian priest also promised to give her a house if she converted to Christianity. The widespread conversion activities and criminalities of the church is resulting in the creation of new Christian sects through US funding. They are called City of Faith, Exodus, Joshua, New Life, Master Ministry, Covenant, Hiel Gospel, City of Faith and High Land Trinity and they abhor rituals, episcopal hierarchy and all kinds of mediators, including saints. They discard the Church authority and the teachings of the Bible.

This is the type of religious freedom the American President Bush wants in India. It is the absolute freedom to destroy our culture as his forefathers from Western countries did in North America to its native Red Indians centuries ago. What is happening in India is the modern-day vision of Christian aggression by USA on indigenous cultures of the world.

Conversions with foreign fund-II

To understand the true nature of Christians around the world, we should take a better look at Kerala. In the 4th century a.d. Christianity became the dominant religion and later become the established religion of the Roman Empire. The Sassanian rulers of Iran wisely foresaw that the Syrian Christians within their borders would develop into a fifth column of their powerful neighbours. Their aim was to persecute the Syrian Christians. Some of these Christians fled Iran in groups. In a.d. 345, around 400 odd persons from 72 families comprising men, women and children, reached Cragananore (Kodungalloore) Kerala, under the leadership of a merchant known as Thomas Cananeus. The Hindu kings gave them refuge. What these treacherous Christians did in return was to invite Vasco da Gama to invade India. This information has recently came to light from Portugese documents.

Sanjay Subrahmaniam in Lisbon went through the Portuguese documents Career and Legend of Vasco da Gama and found that these Kerala Christians, known as Syrian Christians, were indeed a fifth column who were engaged in spying and were brought by Vasco da Gama to Kerala shores that began the colonisation of India. They had promised the Portugese, French and British their support to defeat and evict the local kings, the Zamorins, who gave them refuge. Vasco da Gama had bombarded Calicut in Kerala when the Zamorin ruler refused to be dictated by him. He plundered the Kerala ships bringing in rice to the city and cut off the ears, nose and hands of the crews. The Zamorin sent to him an envoy after getting safe passage from the Portuguese. Vasco da Gama chopped off the nose, ears and hands of the envoy and strung them around his neck together with a palm-leaf on which a message was conveyed to the Indian king that he could cook and eat curry made from his envoy’s limbs.”

These facts came to light from the Dutch history of Travancore, and also through the French records. That the Syrian Christian refugees of Kerala wanted the Europeans to help them to finish the Hindu kings who gave them refuge is now the most shocking piece of information received that no Keralite can digest.

The Kerala Christians have prospered and the ‘Kerala Christian virus’ spreading to Kutch and to the north-east. Syrian Christians who came as refugees have now occupied Kerala. They own all major establishments, nearly 85 per cent of the educational institutions, 80 per cent of media, banks and financial institutions. Kerala is now ruled by a Christian-Muslim coalition and has no Hindu political party worth the name in the state. Hindus are branded communal by the predominantly Christian media. The Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, the police chief, the majority of bureaucrats, officers, and even the sportsmen, are all Syrian Christians. The Hindus, once the rulers of Kerala are now slaving, it out as workers. Impoverished Hindus have commited suicides in thousands.

Syrian Christians are also spreading the lie that they were converted to Christianity by St. Thomas in a.d. 52 to cover their original background. As per BBC, St. Thomas never visited India and Christianity started in 4th century a.d. only in India have. But the Christians in India manufactured evidence and even spread the message that he had visited Mylapore. Since the Christians in India are aware of their criminal background, it had become important for them to manufacture evidence to say that they were in India long ago.

From 1540 onwards, the Portuguese Christians destroyed Hindu temples and erected Christian churches and chapels by using temple stones. Living examples of this are Santome Church in Chennai built after destroying the Kapileswara, temple. Portuguese Christians banned all Hindu rites including marriage rites. They conducted mass conversions. From 1560 to 1812 the barbaric Portuguese Christians tortured and killed Hindus in what is known as the inquisition. Hindu men, women, and children were brutally interrogated, flogged, and slowly dismembered in front of their relatives. Their eyelids were sliced off and their limbs were so amputated that the victim, could remain conscious to find only his torso and head remaining behind. Their screams could be heard in the streets, in the stillness of the night.


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