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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Pope comes under RSS fire

Press Trust of India
New Delhi, April 20, 2005

RSS Chief KS Sudarshan on Wednesday made a scathing attack on the new Pope accusing him of "religious intolerance" and said such mindset leads to conflicts.

He also accused US President George Bush of funding missionaries in India.

Recalling the millennium peace summit of 2000 in New York where 1100 representatives from different faiths signed a document that there should be no bloodshed in the name of religions as they were different routes to one God, he said, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger held a press conference shortly thereafter at the Vatican and released a 36 page doctrine 'Dominus Jesus'.

"The doctrine objected to anyone trying to bring their religion at par with the Roman Catholic church and described it as crossing limits of tolerance.

It said non-Christians cannot get salvation as they don't consider Jesus Christ as the son of God and even non-Catholics would find it difficult to get salvation as they don't consider the Pope as their head", Sudarshan said at a function to mark the second anniversary of devotional television channel Sadhana.

"Such mindset that we are superior to others leads to conflict (Sangharsh),", he said.

The RSS chief alleged that President Bush was trying to propagate Christianity at Government expense.

"Through an executive order, Bush, who is a re-born Christian, gave tax rebate of 80 billion dollars to Christian missionaries in 2002 and set up a special two billion dollar fund for Africa and India, which can be utilised without any question being asked," Sudarshan said.

He also alleged that Christian evangelists Pat Robertson and Billy Graham, who were close to Bush, wanted to convert both India and China to Christianity.

Alleging that a survey project 'Joshua -I' was carried out between 1991-2001 to identify the requirement of Churches in every village and town of India, he said, "CIA also helped in that project and money is pouring in to separate Dalits from Hindus and divide the majority community".


At 4/21/2005 11:38:00 AM, Anonymous Sunthosh said...

A funny thing is happening now in the state of Florida.
Well the repercussions are not so funny.

Christian Lobbyists believe that Evolution is a hypothesis
that need not necessarily be true. But their claim is that
God created all creatures with "Intelligent Designing" as
proclaimed in "Genesis: the christain book explaining the
begining of everything. For instance, we humans, were all created from Adam
and Eve". Seriously, I thought they were kidding.

These guys are out to pass on Bills forcing Schools to teach
Creationism as a possible alternative to Evolution.
In fact, they are enabling students to sue the instructors if they dont
teach what the students "believe" in. (Science/Facts dont matter :)) ) (PBS Television did a documentary
series to re-eduate Americans on Evolution)

It is my speculation that America is slowly becoming a christian conservative state.
I mean the separation of state from religion(christianity) is growing thin rapidly. Atleast in the less developed states, off the coasts.

It matters a lot to India. About 70 - 80% of missionary funding to fuel conversions in India is from America. The so called evangelicals from US are in a desparate hurry to convert Asians, especially Indians. Neither the Chinese RedArmy, nor the rabid Islamic states are comfortable with the mass conversions as we see in India.
[Either the evangelicals are politely sent back or kicked out altogether ]

This only means that more and more adhoc churches will spring up in our neighborhoods in India. All the under-previleged, illiterate (adivasis) and the masses below the subsistance level will be lured to accept Jesus as their sheperd and deny everyone else. The newly elected Pope Benedict XVI is firm on achieving his targetted numbers in Asia.


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