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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Will the next Pope be an Indian Roman Catholic?

Posted March 29, 2005
By Laxminarayan Sarma,

An Italian Roman Catholic woman becomes de Facto Prime Minister in Hindu India! But can an Indian Roman Catholic ever aspire to be Pope? The chances are bright. Given the fact that Christianity has been used as a tool of territorial expansionism and colonialism, economic domination and cultural imperialism, circumstances are ideal for the western colonial powers to impose an Indian Roman Catholic as Pope. Incidentally, Indian Roman Catholics outnumber Christians of other denominations in India. Moreover, the Roman Catholic church is well entrenched in the country and has a very strong grassroots base. His Holiness the current Pope is a doddering old man desperately clinging to the Papal throne. His illness last week fuelled speculation in the media whether the Roman Catholic Church will have to look for a new Pope.

Since the dawn of the Papacy, a majority of the Popes, barring the present one, were Italian. The present Pope is a Pole. It is rumoured that putting a Pole on the Papal throne was a well planned coup to speed the disintegration of Communism in the Soviet bloc of which Poland was a prominent unit.

A staunch adherent of upholding the Biblical edicts, the present Pope, barring a few exceptions has been the longest serving incumbent. His tenure has been mired in controversies. His strong opposition to contraception, his whining against other Christian religious orders poaching on his flock, his much deplored ambition to plant the church in Asia (read India), his refusal to express regrets against the Roman Catholic church's excesses during the Inquisitions in Goa, his elevating Theresa, the Calcutta head of the Missionaries of Charity to sainthood, have kicked up a lot of dust.

The present Pope's tenure has also been marked by scandal and turmoil in the Roman Catholic Church. Vatican watchers are fully aware of the Bank of Ambrosia scandal, money laundering and the scandalous homosexual proclivities of some members of the clergy. The Church has had to shell out millions of dollars in damages to victims of sexual abuse by its clergy in America and elsewhere. Even today, sexual abuse cases against Roman Catholic priests make the newspaper columns. Faced with dwindling numbers of church-goers and sincere adherents in the western world, Christian denominations around the world are in panic, The plight of the Roman Catholic church is so bad that faced with a dwindling number of young men and women entering priesthood and nunhood, Catholic convents in Europe are staffed with cheap imports of nuns from India, mainly Kerala.

The various denominations are struggling to add to their numbers. They poach upon one another's flock. It is believed that the Roman Catholic Church is the worst hit. In fact the Pope has cried foul on seeing large numbers of his flock being lured away by the Evangelical movement in the US and elsewhere. This resentment of the Roman Catholic church found its echo in Mumbai when the Catholic church issued a fatwa to its flock to keep away from the American evangelist, Benny Hinn's, tamasha in Mumbai last year and the one in Bangalore this year.

Disillusionment and resentment is also brewing among the younger generation of Roman Catholics in India. Better educated and economically better off than their forebears, Roman Catholics, particularly in Mumbai and other metro cities in the country have stated developing a broader outlook. They are no more the superstitious, narrow minded, pro-western adherents like their parents. They are in step with the broad, secular outlook of the times. Thus it would be fair to say that the strategists in Archbishop's House in the Vatican and in other Christian denominations are really worried.

It is against this background that one wonders whether the next Pope will be an Indian Catholic!

Though Christianity originated in the East, it has been projected as a European faith. Jesus Christ is depicted as a white man. The Roman Catholic rites and rituals, communications, thinking, ethos, traditions and approach have been more or less European. Prayers, barring a few exceptions, have been in English. An example of this is the putting up of "snow-"covered Christmas trees and the slaughter and consumption of turkey by Christians in India during Christmas. What an irony ! Celebrating the birth anniversary of a man born in the deserts of the Middle East by putting up "snow"-covered Christmas trees in tropical India !

And the Pope, throughout the centuries has been a European. Thus, in the two thousand years of its existence, Christianity has never faced such a crisis. This crisis is not a threat just to the future of Christianity. It has the potential to undermine the western white Christian countries' political, social, and economic stranglehold over the world.

It is a fact that White colonialism and Christian evangelism are two sides of the same coin. Sword in one hand and the Bible in the other, the white nations sent out marauders into the civilised Orient to enslave, exploit and loot the nations and send the booty home to feed their impoverished populations. And to maintain their stranglehold, the clerics accompanying the marauders converted the colonised populations wholesale, and alienated them from their social, religious and cultural roots. The brain washed and mentally shackled the unconverted sections through their educational institutions, creating a cadre of pro western elite who kept the colonial wheels turning. Circumstances arising out of World War II compelled the white Christian powers to take to their heels leaving behind ruined, impoverished colonies, A large number of former colonies remained backward and impoverished due to the seeds of dissension the colonisers had sown between ethnic groups and communities. Most of these countries have a Christian majority and face anarchic conditions being headed by tin pot dictators who are sustained by the erstwhile colonial powers. Some countries like India were left dismembered. Even today, Muslim Pakistan is ruled by the American puppet General Musharraff.

The exploitation of the natural resources of these countries continues. White multinationals, with the connivance of their respective governments have replaced the colonial powers. Resources still continue to be unscrupulously exploited.

However, India with its strong and ancient Hindu ethos has recovered from the ruinous effects of colonialism. Despite being pushed to the corner by Pakistan's American and British aided belligerence, India is industrially, culturally, economically and politically way ahead of any of the erstwhile colonies. In fact, India has been recognised as a super power in the making, an economic, industrial and a military powerhouse and a potential threat to the white man's might. India's resources have always been a source of attraction for the resource-starved nations of the west. While it was India's fabulous riches that attracted the salivating starved western nations to its shores, now it is the huge Indian economy that is proving to be the magnet.

Conquering India militarily is out of the question. India is too mighty a power to be taken lightly. So the next best way is to subvert it by creating a cadre of people who are totally alienated from their native roots. People who draw their inspiration from a foreign religion. Who draw sustenance from an alien culture. People who look down upon their Indian ancestry, Indian heritage. People who despise their Hindu past.

When huge sections of the population are thus converted, national interests take a backseat. The converted population draws inspiration from their overseas mentors. This in turn, enables their handlers abroad to rule the country by proxy, exploit its assets and enrich their own countries, coffers and populations.

Huge resources are being pumped into India by the western powers to achieve this end. The Tehelka Weekly in its February 2004 issue has published a detailed investigative report about this conspiracy. The report has identified the sources from where the funds are sent, the fifth columnists working in this country, the strategy of this war like conspiracy against India.

It is shameful, but true that this international conspiracy against India is succeeding. According to The Tehelka report, around 5000 Indians are getting converted to Christianity every day. The North east of the country is almost Christianised. An Italian Roman Catholic, Antonia Maino, a.k.a Sonia Gandhi, is running the country by proxy through a weak kneed coterie of spineless Hindus , Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, are ruled by Christian Chief Ministers, a Christian has been given charge of the nation's most sensitive organisation, the RAW, over the heads of several Hindu officers much senior than him, and anti Hindu missionaries like Gladys Staines, an Australian are being awarded prestigious national awards for social work (read propagating Christianity and converting innocent tribals, the Albanian nun Theresa of Kolkotta is given a Bharat Ratna and is elevated to Sainthood.

The Pope has already proudly declared that the Christian flag was planted in Europe in the first millennium, in the Americas in the second millennium. In the present millennium India is in the international movement's cross hairs.

It is in this context that the chances of an Indian Roman Catholic succeeding the present Pope are bright. With a de facto Italian Roman Catholic prime minister calling the shots in Delhi, with Christian Chief Ministers installed in sensitive states, with SENSITIVE ORGANIZATIONS LIKE THE raw EITHER INFILTRATED WITH Christians or their quislings, with a Christian majority in the sensitive north east, it is but natural that the western Christian powers would want an Indian D'Souza or Pereira to occupy the throne of St. Peter in the Vatican. A wolf in sheep's clothing can then prey upon the Hindu flock to provide food to the starving western hyenas who otherwise will slip into oblivion in the next couple of decades.


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