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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Missionary Group Distributes "Christian" Radios to Tsunami Victims

By Allie Martin
The Conservative Voice
2005/2/17 17:14:12

A Christian broadcasting ministry is delivering thousands of radios to areas of south Asia that were hard-hit by December's tsunami disaster. The Far East Broadcasting Company is shipping 10,000 high-tech radios to Indonesia for distribution to the needy.

Those who receive the radios will be able to hear Christian programming in 13 different tribal languages spoken throughout the country. Greg Harris, president of the Far East Broadcasting Company, says a single radio can reach many individuals with the gospel. "We have seen throughout the world that people overseas listen to radio in groups," he notes.

The organization is careful to distribute the equipment thoughtfully and efficiently, Harris points out, thus maximizing the outreach potential of each unit. "We generally pre-qualify the people that get these radios," he explains. "We don't simply walk down the street and hand out a free radio. We try to give them to people that are really interested in hearing our programming and who need them."

According to the Far East Broadcasting spokesman, the project involve a substantial expense. It costs $30 to deliver each radio -- that's $30,000 to put all of the high-tech radios in Indonesian hands. And, he adds, an evangelistic project in a Muslim and Hindu dominated region is not without its risks.

"This is a part of the world that we have to deal very carefully with -- how we work and the way that we come into the area," Harris says. "As people have been reading in the newspapers, this is a part of the world that has not been receptive to Christian work or Christian workers."

For that reason, the ministry spokesman emphasizes that everyone involved in the project needs to be lifted up. "We really do need to pray for the people giving out the radios as well as the people that are receiving them," Harris says.


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