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Sunday, January 02, 2005

US: The Home Of Fanatic Christian Missionaries

BY Ramesh Agasthya (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

I read with great interest the views expressed by Mr. Shiva K Akula in his epistle Majority Of Christians In US Are Ignorant. I heartily welcome his suggestion that good articles should be sent to papers like Washington Posts etc, and spread awareness. It could be tried out, but Christian control is far reaching and strangulating, and hence would it be published? Bhagavad Gita advises us to do the work and leave the results to Him. I think Mr. Shiva Akula's suggestion should be taken in that spirit. I find it difficult as to how Shri Ram Swarup, Shri. Sita Ram Goel, Shri A.K.Priolkar and host of other teachers could have carried their difficult work in such an hostile environment, had they thought about the reception that it would receive.

However, I disagree that Christians in US are ignorant. US has sent to India one of the most fanatical of latter day Missionaries, Rev. Billy Graham, who spread the darkness of untruth deep south (Tirunelveli and other areas) in the 1970's and who held USA as the example of only true nation in the world laid as per the blueprint given in the Bible. I have read his books and in one of them he says that all the scriptures of the world are bibles, but experience has shown that only the Christian Bible is true. After making such sweeping statements, he does not say what kind of "experience" renders it true. He describes his "Objective" experience in going to the temple in yet another book, he finds nothing except that the images are black (it reminds him of Satan) and the unwashed, sweat dripping priests, and the dirty water of the temple tank.

In America, Billy Graham has been held as the "model" evangelists who is said to have "led millions to Christ". At the height of his influence, he has spread several untruths about India and Hinduism and collected huge sums to "evangelise" us, heathens. When I last read about him, he seemed to have doubts about his earlier assertion ie. whether USA was really the kingdom of God. However, he had by that time come to preside over an empire of money, radio stations, tv channels, books, videos, music, many copyrights, and lived a life of power and pelf, all in the true tradition of the "humble servant of Christ".

However, this is just a tip of the iceberg. I request some enlightened reader to throw light on the activities and damage done by Rev. Billy Graham, both here and in US.


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