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Friday, July 09, 2004

Conversions continue to be rampant: Hindu leader

NT Bureau
Chennai, July 9:

'It is time for Hindus to safeguard themselves from the onslaught of religious conversions, which are rampant in the country. For instance, in the southern district of Kanniyakumari, nearly 45 per cent of the population has been 'successfully' converted to Christianity, while in the last few days, a total of 24 idols of Hindu gods and goddesses have been vandalised in the district', Hindu Munnani founder Rama Gopalan has said.

Speaking to devotees during his visit to the Periyamalai Balamurugan temple in Pallavaram Wednesday, where the presiding deity of Goddess Dakshayini was destroyed by 'unidentified miscreants', a few days ago, Rama Gopalan, expressing his anguish at the incident, said, it was a barbaric act aimed at creating confusion among the people.

'The attacks on Hindu deities have increased in the recent days and Hindus are left with no other option but to safeguard themselves. Whoever had committed this shameful act should be brought to book irrespective of his caste or creed,' he said. He also warned that the Hindu Munnnani volunteers would stage protests if the perpetrators of the violence are not nabbed immediately.

Many residents of the area adjoining Periyamalai Balamurugan temple have pointed fingers at a Christian group that was 'notoriously active' in the area and also on a few Pentecost groups that thronged the hill every night to carry out prayers.

The members of the cult groups regularly shout out taunting remarks at Hindus and openly deride Hindu gods and even indulged in expansion activities.

The Hindu Munnani leader after interacting with a few devotees, said, 'when there are more than a lakh churches in Chennai alone, why should these men and women take to a hill and pray all night. The very fact that the hill is located close to international airport, unlawful gathering of such groups should be prevented, which otherwise would become a threat to national security', he added.

Stating that Christian missionaries involved in religious conversions are broadening their base in the State, Ramagopalan urged the Hindus to stand united and put an end to such nefarious activities. 'Let's us stand united and save ourselves', he said.

He said a major portion of Thiruparankundram Skandhar Malai has been encroached upon by Muslims, who claim it to be Sikandhar Malai.

New Muslim and Christian structures are coming up around Pudukottai, Villathikulam and other southern districts. 'It is our prime duty to reclaim those lands', he said.

In the name of rights of minorities, the wicked acts of these groups get justified by various political groups, he said and added that unless a solution is arrived at soon, the situation would go out of control.

Ragupathy, trustee, Balamurugan Temple, S V Badri of Hindu Acharya Sabha and a large number of devotees were present during the meeting at the temple.

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At 7/07/2006 02:41:00 AM, Blogger hindu said...

Absurd Christian logic! I fail to understand the logic in Christianity. They claim that "Jesus" is the "only" son of God. They claim that one must follow him in order to achieve salvation or else go to hell! How absurd! If this Christian thinking is true, it makes God an extremely sadistic,unkind, and discriminating Being! This follows from the fact that "Jesus" came to earth only 2000 years ago. What about all the souls that were present on earth before that? Did God create them just to watch them burn in eternal hell (since "Jesus" was not around to "save" those souls??? This makes no sense whatsoever! We are all God's children. We are all EQUAL in the eyes of God. How then, could God who is perfection, kindness and love itself, be so cruel and discriminating? Would he create just a "chosen few" to enjoy all the benefits of heaven and condemn the rest to eternal hell? Even earthly parents wouldn't dream of such blatant discrimination amongst their own children! Let alone God! The truth is that there are several paths to reach the Almighty (different strokes for different folks!). This should be recognized and respected by people instead of offending God by misusing His name to impose their biased views on other people! God (including Jesus)is definitely NOT pleased with such disrespectful behaviour. They will have to face the consequences of their actions sooner or later! (This similar absurdity also pervades Islam which claims that only their way is true and everyone else will burn in eternal hell!)

At 7/18/2006 10:31:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell you what you little whiner, you should have just written Fuck Jesus and the nuns and the pastors who are carrying out these acts. These people should be dimembered and hung in public.Stop whining about the Christian logic. The thing is not to analyze but act viciously against these advances. 45% of the population. What the fuck is wrong with hindus ? Why are they selling their souls to these fucks?Hindus our fucking their own selves. Ashamed tohave such whiners in the community who can only analyze and project themselves as secular. I m secular too but i would no longer refreain from saying that slay these miscreants who are slaying our culture and faith. You cn respond at I dont care

At 7/18/2006 10:33:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Hindu, Grow up and stand up more defiantly against what you dont believe in. This soft approach is going tto get you a kick in the ass at some point in time by these other fucks


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